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If you're not sure about your on-line strategy, we can help. We'll take the time to understand your business and your markets, and help shape your vision for the future.

What We Do:

Website & Mobile App Development

To many customers, your website or your app ARE your company. It's our job to make sure it says the right things to them.

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Website & Blog
Content Publishing

If you want to be at the center of conversation in your field, add content publishing to your website.

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E-Commerce &
On-line Systems

If you want to sell more on-line, your web developer needs to be able to crawl into the minds of your customers.

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On-line Marketing &
Lead Generation

Our marketing programs find prospects actively seeking a solution, and turn them into warm leads.

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From the Computer Studio's Conversation Center

  • Minimum Viable Product: What your mobile app really needs

    A concept gathering considerable momentum in the world of software development is the the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And it tends to be more valuable for mobile and tablet apps than elsewhere. We all make the mistake this addresses, but I have to confess that I am one of the worst offenders. That’s because once I embrace an idea,… View ArticleMore

  • Using social sharing to increase e-mail marketing results

    E-mail and postal are probably the two best methods of reaching out to highly targeted prospects, but it’s a real challenge to generate response rates that are high enough to make a difference. By making it easy for recipients to share your content via social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIN, you just might increase… View ArticleMore

  • Is your website engaging enough to do its’ job?

    You probably already realize that your website has a big job to do. Whenever a prospective customer, employee, investor or anyone else is considering a relationship with your company, the first thing they do is check you out on-line. The core content of your site, which typically describes your products and services, is important, but… View ArticleMore

Want to ensure that your on-line presence is aligned with your objectives?

Our Learning Center is a place where CEO's, senior executives and managers can learn everything they need to have a more meaningful conversation with their technical advisors.

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What The Computer Studio's Clients Say:

We have been clients of The Computer Studio since 2007. They have developed our websites, print advertising, Google AdWords, e-mail and social media campaigns. They take the time to really understand our business and our needs.

Novica Prekpala,

Vice President, Blaise Group NY, LLC

We have been a client of the Computer Studio for nearly two decades. They are responsible for all of our on-line marketing. During that time, they have always been there when we need them, and they have never let us down.

Skip Ennis,

President, Joan Michlin Galleries

TCS ... truly delivered on their promise to help us build a professional website. They worked closely with us as part of a team through every step of the process to make sure we were comfortable and headed in the right direction.

Bob Ougheltree,

President, R.F. Ougheltree & Associates, LLC