Blogging and content publishing

The web was originally conceived not as a way to advertise commercial services, but as a means of publishing content and documents on demand. If you publish a static website and never take advantage of this, you may be missing a significant opportunity to influence the people that matter most to your organization.

Using your website to set the agenda

Your competitors are out there saying how great they are.

Your customers, and potential customers, are looking for real information that will help them solve a problem.

By sharing with customers, and potential customers, the knowledge that you use every day in your work, you will make them more comfortable in paying you for a solution, and empower them to have a more meaningful conversation with you about how to solve the problem. Even better, it will get you on their radar screen as someone who can help. If you don’t use your website for this purpose, you’re missing out on one of its most powerful capabilities.

Content publishing vs. Content management

Content management systems allow you to update or add content to your website, and that is important. But Content publishing platforms, such as the open source systems WordPress and Drupal, are designed specifically to support an ongoing dialogue with visitors to your site on topics of mutual interest.

What is really valuable is using a blog or discussion thread to initiate a conversation about a topic of timely interest. This discussion can (and should) include links back to the regular, static content on your site, as well as articles that you publish or offer for download.

A free gift – SEO (search engine optimization) value

Google wants the same thing that you do (more or less).

The search services are in a quest to provide more useful results to their customers (the people who conduct searches). To accomplish this, they feel that site owners who publish (1) more content, (2) high quality content and (3) regularly updated content will provide the best experience for users, and they weigh their search results based on this conviction.

Content publishing platforms make it easy to publish additional content, and the ongoing process of publishing content and resulting commentary will certainly help. In addition, some of the content, blog entries and articles you publish may serve as ‘link bait’, meaning that others who are engaging in the on-line conversation may choose to publish links back to an article on your site.

This will not only direct more traffic to your site, it will also help raise your standing even higher with the search services, who consider citations (links) from other sites as a primary factor in ranking pages in their search results. As a result, you can potentially not only provide your site visitors with a more valuable experience, you may also succeed in attracting more visitors in the first place.