Content Publishing and Blogging

There is hardly a better way to engage visitors and achieve high search engine rankings than to publish articles, posts or blogs that allow visitor comments and discussion threads. Our content management and content publishing solutions, built on popular open source platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, are ideal for anyone looking for an on-line publishing solution.

Timely, engaging content tends to attract links and citations from other sites, which is one of the most important factors considered by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing when they decide the ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). In their most recent updates, they also consider the quality, quantity and freshness of the content you publish.

Modern, open source platforms such as WordPress and Drupal are the best way to implement content publishing on your website. Recent releases of these platforms are feature-rich enough to implement the entire website, including such advanced features as ecommerce.

Our content publishing solutions

For our content publishing solutions, we have adapted a considerable part of our proprietary website technology and many of our designs to the WordPress and Drupal platforms. As a result, we can offer most of our semi-custom QuickStart edition websites on these platforms, and you can enjoy many of the same advantages we offer on our other technology platforms.

WordPress Edition website

wordpress-logoWordPress is one of the most popular content publishing platforms. It offers a cost effective way to publish your own content, as well as content and commentary from web visitors.

Our WordPress Edition website offers all of the blogging and content publishing features of WordPress combined with full website functionality, including forms and other interactive features.

Our more recent projects are built using responsive design techniques, which optimize the display and text sizes to conform to the viewing device, whether desktop, tablet or smartphone. This makes it easier for users to view your content, and helps improve your rankings on search engines such as Google..

Drupal Edition website

drupal logoIf your publishing requirements are more complex, a Drupal based website may be the ideal solution. Among other things, Drupal offers a robust e-commerce capability, allowing you to combine publishing and commerce on a single platform. Drupal also offers a powerful development platform, allowing us to natively support complex custom functionality of on-line customer service and other applications.