Custom Software Development

If you require custom functionality, we develop on three primary platforms:

  • PHP
  • Open source MVC frameworks including Laravel and Ruby on Rails
  • Microsoft .NET and .NET MVC

Most of our custom applications involve a database backend such as SQL Server, Postgres or mySQL.

The development process

Depending on your project, there are two approaches that we use for custom website software projects:

Traditional process – This is similar to our website development process, where we interview stakeholders and define requirements in advance. This is suitable for projects where the requirements can be reasonably well defined in advance.

Agile development – If you are not sure about the requirements for your new system, it may be better to approach development incrementally. We will initially create basic functionality, and allow your staff to operate it and provide feedback on additional features through an iterative process.

Frameworks such as Ruby on Rails are specifically designed to support this type of agile development. They minimize the need for hard coded infrastructure, so our developers can concentrate their efforts on implementing your user requirements. Because there is so little effort expended on underlying infrastructure, it is easier for our developers to create and then change functionality with a minimum of rework.