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  • Is your website engaging enough to do its’ job?

    Jul 24, 2014 by Alan J. Goldstein | No Comments Yet

    You probably already realize that your website has a big job to do. Whenever a prospective customer, employee, investor or anyone else is considering a relationship with your company, the first thing they do is check you out on-line.

    The core content of your site, which typically describes your products and services, is important, but it may not be enough to hold the attention of your visitors long enough for them to appreciate the value you have to offer.

    To engage them long enough to have any real impact, there is nothing like a good story. Fortunately, some of the most interesting ones present themselves nearly every time an employee walks through the door.

    Keep website visitors engaged with stories

    Compelling stories engage your visitors

    A sales rep returns with a new account that increases your penetration in an important market. A member of your support team solves a customer’s long standing problem. You add a staff member with experience in a new industry. Any of these can fire the imagination of both potential and existing customers, if they only knew about them.

    The form these stories take will vary with the business that you’re in — a technology company will publish different subject matter than a retailer or a non-profit. While it’s up to your management team, in consultation with your web developer, to determine what will work best in driving the imagination of your customers, there are certain features every organization should consider.

    Current activity

    These features will change frequently, often nearly every time a member of your staff has a successful interaction with a customer, supplier or vendor.

    • New accounts
    • New projects or product sales
    • New products
    • New employees

    Spotlight features

    While these features vary in their focus and how often they change, they have one thing in common. Unlike your core content (just the facts, ma’am), they tell the story of the benefits your customers enjoy in distinctly human terms.

    • Customer solution of the month
    • Product of the month
    • Featured customer success stories
    • Employee of the month

    Semi-permanent features

    These features change less frequently than spotlight features, and they tell your story in terms of the benefits a specific customer receives. If you select the customers you publish wisely, others like them will see the connection.  Whenever new content is added, you add a fresh perspective, additional depth and currency, and your organization comes more alive in the eyes of site visitors.

    • Customer profiles
    • Customer testimonials
    • Case studies

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