Landing pages

Advertising is costly and competitive, and it always will be.

If you’re spending time and money on an advertising campaign, the last thing you should do is to waste a significant portion of your expenditure by sending prospects to your general company website, rather than a dedicated landing page optimized for your campaign. Dedicated, optimized landing pages almost always result in significantly higher conversions than general website pages which are designed for a different purpose.

Why landing pages are different than web pages

Landing pages are like racecars. They are optimized for one purpose only (winning), and they don’t have a lot of extraneous features designed for your general comfort (such as a radio or power windows). Each landing page is specifically optimized for the ad that it is designed to work with.

If you are advertising on a pay-per-click service such as Google Adwords, you probably have many ads, each corresponding to a list of keywords that reflects a specific user intent. While finer granularity in your ads almost always increases your click-through rate (and expenditure), many of these prospects may be lost if the landing page doesn’t fulfill the exact promise of each ad. For that reason, a pay-per-click campaign often includes many landing pages, each with a similar look and feel but different content.

With other types of advertising such as e-mail, print or postal mail, the logic is the same, even though you typically have fewer ad variations.

Our landing page products

In order to address this issue, we use special lightweight landing pages (sort of like the racecar) that lend themselves to creating multiple variations, each optimized for a different ad. They are designed to maximize lead capture, with features such as a prominent phone number, an equally prominent short formlet, and a layout that leads the eye from the initial benefit statement through the body copy, and then to the formlet and phone number. Typically these pages also include testimonials, relevant photos and optional features such as videos.

Call tracking

One of the most important requirements for any advertising program is a method to track results, so you can learn over time what works and what doesn’t. To do this, you need to identify the source of each lead.

For many advertisers, the bulk of leads arrive via telephone, and these can be especially hard to track. We’ve found that simply relying on the person fielding calls to ask each prospect how they found you is highly unreliable.

With our telephone monitoring and call tracking service, a special tracking number is placed on each landing page, so that telephone leads can be traced back to their source.