Marketing &
Lead Generation

You need a compelling website so people can understand how you can help them. But to make it really work, you need to attract the right visitors, nurture them, and convert them into loyal customers.

On-line marketing

Even the best website won’t help much unless you have visitors. But just driving traffic to your site is seldom enough. In order to thrive, you need a clear plan that identifies your best prospects, and provides a systematic way to reach them and nurture them through the sales process.

Our marketing professionals will work with you and your staff to understand your business and define your goals, so we can select the most appropriate combination of marketing and lead generation strategies to help your organization reach its goals. Some of the tools we employ include:

local directory listings

Local Directory Listings

Local Listings in Google, Bing and independent directories are one of the most effective ways for local businesses to promote their services. In fact, local listings, generated at little cost, often appear above top organic (standard search) listings in Google’s search results page.
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pay per click advertising

Pay-per-click Management

Pay-Per-Click services, such as Google’s Adwords, have been wildly successful, but the cost of a click is increasingly rapidly. If you are managing your account yourself, you’re probably wasting money and missing important opportunities.

With our Pay-Per-Click optimization services, we help protect you from bidding on the wrong searches and make sure that your search terms, ads and landing pages are correctly aligned with the searcher’s intent, so that more of the clicks that you pay for turn into leads and customers.
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search engine optimization seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While SEO isn’t for everyone, the opportunity to appear near the top of the organic search results in services such as Google or Bing can offer important advantages in both branding and lead generation.

Our SEO experts will advise you on a search optimization strategy, perform keyword research, optimize targeted pages on the most effective keywords, and generate citations (links) both within your site and from topical, high value third party sites.
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sales automation software

Sales/Marketing Automation

If you’re serious about generating leads on-line, the last thing you should be doing is relying on e-mail as the sole way to receive leads submitted through your website or landing page.

SalesProTM is a cloud based sales and marketing system centered around a database of your customers and prospects, and accessible from anywhere through the Internet. When prospects submit an on-line inquiry, leads are permanently retained in SalesPro’s database where you have powerful marketing tools to nurture and convert them, and track the performance of each campaign.
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