Our development process

Our development processOur unique development methodology provides you with an unprecedented degree of control. It ensures that you are an integral part of the development process, and the results are consistent with your expectations, budget and business goals.

The exact process depends on the size and scope of your project, which may include a formal Requirements Definition phase, or a less formal process that still provides you with control of the project, the budget and the schedule.

I. Stakeholder Interviews & Business Analysis

During this part of the process, we:

  • Interview key members of your organization and possibly others, such as customers and suppliers, in order to thoroughly understand your business and your markets.
  • Work with you to define specific goals for your project, whether it is a website, mobile app, e-commerce site or custom on-line system.
  • Define content and functionality required to support those goals.
  • Specify the desired look and feel, consistent with your audience and your objectives.

II. Information Architecture & Design

Based on this input, we will create the following:

  • A site map, showing the proposed pages and organization of your project.
  • Artist’s sketches of the pages or user views.
  • A specification of all functional processing modules.

As these are prepared, you will be asked to provide feedback. After all documents have been completed, we will ask for your approval before proceeding further. This ensures that the final result is consistent with your vision and requirements, and minimizes rework.

III. Development: coding & testing

Your system or project will be developed according to the previously agreed specifications. All web pages will be developed using standards compliant HTML and tested across all popular browsers and versions in current use. If your system requires functional capabilities such as database access, our programmers will work closely with the front end developers on your project to ensure perfect integration.

As work is completed, you will be asked to approve it each step of the way. Website projects are published to a non-public area of the Internet while under development. Mobile apps are published for private preview in the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store so that you may monitor development and provide feedback.

IV. Acceptance and Installation

Before final release of your project, all elements will be acceptance tested by both our staff and yours, and you will be asked to formally approve it.

V. Ongoing support

With our optional maintenance program you receive proactive ongoing support, including quarterly reviews and detailed performance and traffic analysis. Ongoing enhancements may also be covered under a pre-agreed maintenance program.