Proactive content updates

If your company is moving forward, your website presents an opportunity to bring your customers along with you. It should reflect everything new and exciting that is going on, so that each customer and prospect can take advantage of the things most relevant to their needs, as soon as you roll them out.

Welcome to proactive website content updates

Rather than wondering what to change on your site, a proactive maintenance effort defines goals – typically on an annual basis – with regularly scheduled content rollouts during the year to reflect the new products, services, marketing initiatives and events that will occur in your organization. It also provides for continual tracking and measurement, so you can be sure that your customers are engaging with you as you intend over the course of the year, and then make any necessary mid-course corrections based on what excites them.

New and updated content can consist of nearly anything that supports your business goals. It may include the addition of pages or even new sections of your website that describe new product and service offerings. It also may include discussion and conversation, such as blog entries and posts offering commentary and stories about your ideas and experiences, and those of your customers.

If your site includes content management or content publishing features, some new content may be added directly by your staff. Or, if you wish, you can generate the ideas and have us handle everything else, from writing copy (content) to posting it to the website. Some more involved updates may require structural changes to the website. For those, you can elect to have us develop the new structures, while your staff adds the content, or simply have us do everything.

 Program highlights

  • Develop content rollout strategy
  • Plan content rollout schedule (usually one year at a time)
  • New content can be rolled out monthly, quarterly or on your schedule
  • Task assignments for your staff and ours
  • Fixed price monthly agreement based on your needs
  • Quarterly or monthly measurement and review