SalesPro sales & marketing automation

sales automation softwareSalesProTM is a web based marketing, sales and lead generation system that includes all of the tools you need to ensure that your prospects never lose out because they can’t find you.

It will help you find new accounts, cross sell new products to existing accounts, and help you manage the sales and marketing process within your company.

SalesPro is a cloud-based service

SalesPro can be accessed from any standard PC with an Internet connection, so you can use it from the field, at home, or anywhere else without any special equipment or software. Since it runs in our high availability Internet datacenter, it requires no effort by your IT staff.

Marketing and lead generation tools

Use SalesPro’s powerful outbound tools to drive customers to your website, generate qualified sales leads, nurture customers through the sales process, turn one time purchasers into ongoing customers and build your brand. It includes powerful tools to create and manage outbound e-mail and postal campaigns, and to manage your leadflow from virtually any source.

Lead collection tools

SalesPro supports lead collection for virtually any type of marketing or advertising program including pay-per-click and display advertising, e-mail, postal direct mail, telemarketing and your website.

Sales automation & telemarketing tools

The Sales ProfessionalTM edition of SalesPro provides each member of your sales staff with a full set of capabilities to manage their territories and their accounts. Everything they need to succeed is at their fingertips, including comprehensive intelligence on each account and an arsenal of powerful marketing, sales and territory management tools.

SalesPro’s lead tracking & reporting tools

Powerful tracking and reporting tools automate the collection of data on web visits, leads, on-line purchases and other activities. SalesPro uses this data to identify customers and prospects with promise, and to provide immediate feedback that will improve the effectiveness of future marketing and sales efforts.