SalesPro sales & telemarketing

Are you beating your sales numbers?

If you’re a sales rep, or if you manage sales reps, you know how important it is to make the most of your selling time. The SalesProTM Sales ProfessionalTM edition provides all of the tools you need to maximize the time you spend with qualified prospects, to shorten your sales cycle, and to dramatically increase your close rate and your revenue.

Everything important is there when you log in

When a sales rep logs into the system, he or she is greeted by the Sales Dashboard, which displays at a glance everything you decide is important. Typically, this will include pending tasks, appointments and account follow-up as well as key performance statistics. In addition (depending on your company policy), you can make SalesPro’s powerful marketing and e-mail tools available to individual sales reps within their territories for lead generation, prospect preconditioning and follow-up.

Instantly access the accounts in your territory

SalesPro is designed to be used with data on the accounts in your territory. This data may be entered by each rep, or imported from your own territory lists or from data purchased from a third party data supplier.

Once your data is loaded, SalesPro allows your reps to work with their accounts in any way they want, whenever they want. For example, they can systematically contact every account in sequence, work with accounts that have a specific profile, or attack their accounts in order of priority.

When they are working on an account, everything in the database concerning the account is a click or less away. If your sale depends on specialized information [such as policy renewal date or software in use], SalesPro makes it easy to collect and store that data.

Bridge the gap between sales and marketing

Your marketing department can use SalesPro’s powerful outbound tools to conduct campaigns for the company as a whole, or for individual sales territories. Each salesperson can view a complete history of all marketing interactions with their accounts, and marketing can use all of the data entered by sales to profile accounts, perform marketing analyses and target future campaigns.

Never waste selling time again

SalesPro puts everything your reps need at their fingertips, so they can focus on selling, rather than the mechanics of selling. It includes full contact management capabilities including account activity, notes, appointments and ticklers.