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  • Minimum Viable Product: What your mobile app really needs

    Sep 7, 2020 by Alan J. Goldstein | No Comments Yet

    A concept gathering considerable momentum in the world of software development is the the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). And it tends to be more valuable for mobile and tablet apps than elsewhere.

    We all make the mistake this addresses, but I have to confess that I am one of the worst offenders. That’s because once I embrace an idea, all of my creative juices spring into action, and I go all out. My brain wants to run off to explore every possible feature, bell and whistle and extension imaginable. And this can be a really bad idea for a first release of a new product.

    Less is more with a V1.0 software release

    The problem arises from our assumptions, and they in turn reflect what we don’t know.


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