Website/Mobile App Development

We develop websites, mobile apps, on-line stores (e-commerce) and other on-line systems and applications for a wide range of businesses.

Each project is developed to order for our client. Website projects generally range in price from  approximately $5,000 to the mid to high 5 figures, with the price difference reflecting the size of the site (number of pages and amount of content), functions (e-commerce, on-line business systems, content publishing capabilities) and design/creative time.

Mobile app projects usually start at around $10,000, with the cost reflecting the features, functions and back-end systems that they interface with. In many cases, a mobile app or website may interface with your existing in-house or cloud-based systems that provide an API (application programming interface).

Working with us on your website, mobile app or on-line system

We start all new engagements with a free, in-depth pre-sales process. Our first priority will be to understand your company, your customers, your requirements and your budget. Then, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Interactive features for your website or mobile app

Content Publishing & Blogging

btn_content_offOur custom WordPress websites include a full featured blog integrated with your site.
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E-commerce & On-line Stores

btn_ecommerce_offOptimized to meet your unique merchandising, marketing and back office requirements.
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Custom On-line Systems

btn_content_offWe develop custom on-line systems for Linux & .NET, and mobile apps for Android and iPhones.
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