Website content management

Whether you are looking to influence search services such as Google or the humans that visit your site, plentiful, fresh content is important to your success.

Content Manager edit screenA Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that allows an administrator of a website to add, delete or modify the content of website pages, and in some cases, publish, remove and reorganize pages on the site. These changes are usually made by visiting a special administrator’s page, and logging in with a user name and password.

Types of website content management systems

Page content systems

These systems, such as our Content ManagerTM application, provide one or more designated regions of the page that may be updated by the site administrator. The best of them provide control over the format of your content, and include a rich environment where you can add images, captions, links, bulleted lists and other features.

Content publishing systems

These highly sophisticated systems manage the entire structure of the website, allowing the administrator to add or remove pages and reorganize menus and page hierarchies. Many of these systems also support blogs, discussion forums, visitor comments and other interactive features, and allow the administrator to control when and how user content is accepted and published.

Content publishing systems are more complex than page content systems. There are several robust and feature rich open source systems of this type including our current favorites, WordPress and Drupal. These systems benefit from a vibrant community of developers and third party contributors who make available, on either a free or license fee basis, hundreds of modules that extend the functionality of the core system.